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Aerial Lyra Photo Taken at Little Big Nook Photo Studio Rental Barrie
Aerial Silks Photo Taken at Little Big Nook Photo Studio Rental Barrie

Who Are We:

Who are we and why are we here? This may sound like the beginning of an existential crisis, but we assure you that it is not. We are Kristin Nunes & Tara Leslie of Little Big Nook Photo Studio. There. Now you know And we are done.... Just Kidding!   


We also own a circus - The Circus Company (Barrie Circus School & Collingwood Circus School) where we teach humans - old and young - how to fly and to become their best selves through the joy of circus. But enough about that. You are here to learn about our epic photo studio and all that it has to offer.

The Space:

LIttle Big Nook Photo Studio (or LBNPS as we like to call it…you're welcome for the audio) is full of unique photo nooks all within a 8721 cubic foot area.  What does that mean? That means you are able to use our vertical space as well as our horizontal space.  What does that mean?  It means that you are able to not only use the 10 different photo nooks on the ground, but also use the vertical space that we have available! What does that mean?  It means that you can use our rigging points in the ceiling to hang almost anything from the air!  What does that mean? It means that you can use any of our available circus apparatuses to hang from our rigging points?  What does that mean?  It means that YOU, yes You, as a person with no circus experience or an advanced aerialist, can take photos on our adjustable, “hang anything you want and more, like trapezes, bicycles, chandeliers, and even your Grandma and your child” engineered rigging system!

As business owners, circus artists, choreographers and producers of many a show, we understand the importance of maintaining professionalism, adhering to clients needs and helping create visions with the utmost honourability and integrity.  Tara & Kristin have performed at over 250 locations around Ontario and produced a dozen of their own circus theatre shows. Thinking outside the box, as we often do, we wanted to integrate the unique vertical space into our photo studio to be able to offer increased creativity to you and yours. We like to live without limitations so we built a studio that is boundless in its creativity and possibility. Our rigging system is engineered and supported by specially fabricated steel and hardware to support 3500 lbs.  We can almost hang anything in our space and we encourage you to challenge us to do that just (p.s. objects must be able to fit through our door).   


I can hang almost anything I want from the ceiling! COOL.

If you’ve read this far, I hope you have learned that our studio is unique and fun. We may seem a titch insane, but we are also quite professional.

The Nitty Gritty:


What is even more interesting about our photo studio is that everything is reclaimed and recycled (with the expectation of our aerial rigging system)!  #environmentalwin.  Oh and did we mention that our photo studio was created and built entirely by women? #gobitches.


Along with our adjustable aerial system, Special Features include 17 ft ceilings, 16 ft reclaimed wood wall, 16ft reclaimed corrugated and texturized tin wall, 16ft white wall, 8ft black wall, 12 x 15ft black theatre curtain , 15 x 8ft pallet wall, three 6 x 3ft wood framed windows, antique furniture and props, various lighting props and a  costume wardrobe (it’s like going through Jackie Onasis meets Lady Gaga’s closet).  What’s more is the 16ft reclaimed wood is yours to decorate.  If you would like to hang a mirror, special photo,  jewelry or clothing, we encourage you to nail into our wall…we’ll even provide a hammer.  The pallet wall is also quite unique in that it’s completely adhered to the wall so you can climb it.  That’s right.  Let your kids go wild.  Did we mention that our entire studio is pet friendly too?  Bring your pets in and  let them break all the rules by draping themselves over our leather couches.  See?  We really don’t care.  

Gymnastics and LGBTQ Modelling Photo Taken at Little Big Nook Photo Studio Rental Barrieddddd).png

Welcome to the end of our very long, quite quirky “about us” introduction.  

We hope that our cozy corners, vintage furniture and rustic walls, urban white walls and riggable vertical space sparks your creative spirit just like it has sparked ours.   

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